Legal status and document supports for document scanning:

Cap 8 section 22A Cap 8 sect 22A
Cap 8 sect 22B Cap 8 sect 22B
ETO Cap 553 sched 1 (13 document types excluded) ETO Cap 553 sched 1 (13 document types excluded)
ETO Cap 533 section 8 ETO Cap 533 section 8
ETO Cap 533 section 9 ETO Cap 553 section 9
File formats of ETO part I  
File formats of ETO part II  

Product Sell Sheet:

1. Document Scanner

Departmental Scanners
i50 / i60 / i80
Entry Level Production Scanners
i 200
Mid Range Scanners
3520 / 3590C
High Speed Scanners
i 800

2. Document / Reference Archive

Web data / Electronic file convert to 16mm Microfilm
i 9600
16 mm Microfilm convert to electronic file
i 7300
Spceial Microfilm in data conversion
Electronic files (CAD, PDF, Tiff) of Large format plans convert to 35mm Microfilm


3. Film Scanner


The KODAK 3000DSV/ 2400DSV Digital Scanner-Printer is your total solution for printing and scanning.

The 3000DSV / 2400DSV Digital Scanner-Printer is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications because of its versatility and ease of use. Flexible functionality and rugged construction make it ideal for medium-to-high volume applications.

3000 DSV
2400 DSV
Sunrise is the international market leader for high-performance Microfilm digitizing system.

Sunrise 1000

Sunrise 2000+


4. Roll Scanner for Drawings

Paper Large format plans scan to Electronic file such as Tif and PDF (Both B/W or Color)
Paper Large Format Plans / Books Scanner (Both B/W or Color)


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